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What is the driving force behind the winning success of the Special Forces, even during the most difficult and dangerous of missions? What makes a small handful of individuals such an effective and precise weapon during the capture of terrorists or the release of hostages? Who knows how to efficiently group together individuals who are extremely adept professionally but often very different from each other in character? The leader!This course, entirely based around the teacher’s personal experience, presents how a commander of a Special Unit really works. In the seminar we will provide you with the tools and information you need to efficiently lead your employees towards success and teach them to overcome difficult situations. The principles we cover are easily applicable to leaders in any situation, and will help you to achieve major goals in circumstances where poor leadership would inevitably have lead to disastrous results.
la leadership forze speciali


  • Listen democratically to make autonomous decisions
  • Communicate effectively with subordinates and superiors
  • Believe in your goals to motivate your team
  • Full accountability
  • There are no bad teams, only bad leaders
  • Control your ego
  • The art of simplification
  • Establishing the right priorities
  • Synchronise and harmonise your team
  • Plan wisely
  • Be steadfast in uncertain situations
  • Decentralise the command
  • Finding the right level of self-management
  • Finding the right level of personnel management
  • Finding the right level of task management
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