Our Services

Providing you protection is our best business

Our services, which can be delivered anywhere in the world, are always comprehensive, always starting with a thorough prior analysis, followed by meticulous planning and smooth, professional execution.

Close Protection

Due to unrivalled standards of professionalism and discretion, we are proud to offer world-class Close Protection services around the globe. Our tailored approach and highly reliable team ensure we are able to achieve optimum levels of customer satisfaction. All our operators have extensive Special Forces backgrounds and, as a result, are able to act with superior levels of versatility and adaptability, even in the most unpredictable and challenging of circumstances.



Our site surveys and risk assessments are fundamentally designed for companies who operate their businesses in high risk areas and who, therefore, require complete assessments of their sites and any potential threats.

We can start from scratch or work to improve on existing security measures and conduct vulnerability assessments of structures and personnel, as well as providing specialist advice for the implementation of ad hoc security systems. Following extensive assessments, our operators will use their expertise to design and perfect customised emergency response solutions.



We appreciate how crucial proven reliability and discretion are to our clients when entrusting us with the most valuable or sensitive of goods. As such, our secure transportation services are invaluable to our clients, due to our meticulous compliance with personal requirements and our accurate and timely manner of working.

Our operators can recover and transport anything to anywhere, implementing consolidated and foolproof procedures to guarantee their protection from source to destination.



In order to ensure your full protection in residential and family environments, we offer comprehensive consultancy services, as well as the implementation of security systems for workplaces or family residences. Our highly qualified and extremely reliable personnel have vast experience working in high crime rate areas and can guarantee maximum protection and discretion in this delicate sector.

The implementation of integrated security systems is a complex issue which requires a wide range of technologies, knowledge, skills and abilities. We continuously maintain a complete and up to date knowledge of the most sophisticated technologies in order to provide an impeccable service to companies who require improved protection in workplaces, as well as to families who wish to put in place a framework to facilitate safe and peaceful living. Our experts will carry out an accurate analysis of the environment and prioritize the probability and impact of a variety of threats, before proposing effective solutions tailored to each individual need.



Our operators specialise in communication and negotiation techniques in particularly complex and hostile situations and, therefore, are able to provide a professional, highly-skilled and reliable service to ensure outstanding outcomes for our clients. Our ability to achieve direct contact with debtors or tenants anywhere in the world means we can obtain positive and discreet results in an exceedingly quick manner.

Extrajudicial debt collection, as well as the removal of illegal occupants from properties, allows us to resolve disputes quickly. We are able to follow a simplified and rapid procedure to collect unpaid debts and/or real estate recovery without the involvement of lawyers and judges, who are subject to bureaucratic processes which can create considerable delays.



With decades of experience in pursuing objects of high strategic value, together with our distinguishable and undisputed discretion, our operatives can guarantee a thorough investigation service tailored to the needs of each client. Adaptability and flexibility are key elements for successful collection of information and sensitive data, and our team members have applied and perfected these skills during their time in the Special Forces.



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