What we can train you in

Survival courses that are not purely scholastic, but adapted to possible real situations (eg plane crash, mountaineering accident, escape from a kidnapping, etc.) derived from SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) training of the Special Forces.

Land navigation and orientation course on 3 levels (basic, intermediate, advanced). It teaches, through theoretical lessons and practical activities, not to “lose course”, using the consolidated teaching of the Special Departments.

Training aimed at surviving in urban contexts where the risk for personal safety is high for the most diverse reasons (crime, civil war, riots, natural disasters, etc.).

Theoretical seminar or theoretical / practical course depending on the customer’s needs entirely dedicated to situations of imprisonment and / or captivity in which the personnel victim of kidnappings or kidnappings could be found.

Medical intervention courses that can make a significant difference in settings where personal health is seriously threatened. It starts with basic emergency first aid to reach stabilization over time through emergency interventions. The courses, based on 2 levels, are taught by Special Forces paramedics who have saved many lives in operation.

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