About Full Spectrum 130


Our operators' comprehensive knowledge is the result, in addition to geopolitical and strategical academic studies, of years of intense training in the ranks of some of the best Special Forces Units in the world. These departments are known for selecting only the very best individuals who they consider suitable for the most complex and demanding of missions.


Our proven ability to plan, coordinate and successfully carry out the most challenging of operations, combined with the conducting of specialist training courses with superb efficiency is highly valued by all of our clients.


Our particular attention to preserving the privacy of our customers is absolutely fundamental to us. We intrinsically believe that information should only ever be shared on a strictly "need to know basis" to avoid useless and harmful dissemination of information.

full spectrum 130

Full Spectrum 130

"There is no universal solution but a universe of solutions"

In an era marked by profound social, economic, political and cultural change on a global level, the present is becoming increasingly chaotic. We are consistently presented with the prospect of an even more uncertain future, and so the need to be safe at all times is increasingly felt, both in work and family situations.

FULL SPECTRUM 130 was born, as our name suggests, to provide an all-encompassing approach to this delicate and increasingly requested service, using an integrated system of solutions to provide customers with a well-rounded and tailor-made product.

Our triangular logo symbolises our ability to “look beyond”, which enables us to face any situation, including those outside of normal daily routines. At the same time the triangle, the Greek “delta”, is the symbol of the variable, which well represents our ability to be flexible and adapt to even the most unpredictable of changes.

Finally, contained within our logo are three more triangles, representing our values of Professionalism, Reliability and Discretion. These are placed around the edges to protect the most precious thing, the “diamond” in the centre: our customers


Our Director of Operations has acquired twenty years of tactical and strategical experience in the ranks of the Special Forces where, at home as well as in foreign territories, he has held a variety of positions, from operator to Commander of Operational Detachment, to Commander of Special Operations Task Unit, to Head of Operations Section, to Head of Training Section of the operational component of the Department.

He was also special advisor for Special Operations to the Commanding General of the NATO Rapid Reaction Corps and finally Deputy Commander of the operational component (1st Infantry Battalion) of the 9th “Col Moschin” Assault Regiment.


Awarded to the Army Raider Officer, Commander of the Raiders Operational Detachment, in service at the Joint Special Operations Task Group “Condor-A” – TF45 Afghanistan – Operation “Sarissa”.

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