What we can train you in

Seminar aimed at personnel who, for work or leisure reasons, find themselves traveling and staying in areas of the globe considered “semi or non-permissive”, where the risk to personal safety is therefore classified as medium to very high. Always “tailor made” by country and customer needs, it deals with problems and solutions concerning the management of travel and the stationary part in the living and working places, as well as relations with local workers (drivers, interpreters, porters, etc.).

It’s the most complete course in the TRAVEL area, as it includes the topics covered in the safety for travelers course, in the hostage survival training, adding a first aid section, a part of land navigation, plus lessons related to cultural awareness and emergency communications. This course, structured over 5 days, is aimed at professionals who have a real need to go to risky areas (sellers of companies, managers of security branches, journalists and correspondents in war zones, NGOs, etc.).

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