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Our 3 training modules allow you to learn the subject with a progressive yet pragmatic approach. The theoretical part, which is essential, is always accompanied by the invaluable practical application that allows the Elite Units to orient themselves, often in extremely uncomfortable conditions, in the most remote areas of the planet.

orientamento e navigazione


  • Basic principles of orientation
  • Cards & scales
  • The compass
  • Most used coordinate systems
  • Practical orientation exercises with map only and with map plus compass
  • Concept of reciprocal azimuth and applications
  • Orient yourself with the sun, the stars and the moon
  • Expeditious methods of orientation
  • The conventional signs of the cards
  • Contour lines and altimetry
  • Day orienteering exercise in pairs
  • Overcoming and circumventing navigation obstacles
  • Use of GPS and land navigation software
  • Creation of a sketch-map
  • Practical navigation exercise with single sketch-map
  • Practical night orienteering exercise in pairs
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