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Course on 3 levels (basic, intermediate, advanced) dedicated to those who already have a good command of the use of short and / or long weapons. This training is focused on the technical-tactical procedures of shooting & movement in compartmentalized places, to correctly manage the confrontation with one or more threats. Based on an offensive, defensive and counter-offensive approach, the training is aimed at law enforcement / Armed Forces professionals or those who need preventive preparation to be able to cope with unpleasant situations (eg villa robberies). The courses can be structured with a “tailor-made” system to adapt to particular environments.



CQB Level 1The basic course, lasting 8 hours-1 day, deals with the correct handling and use of the short and / or long weapon in close combat, providing the basic knowledge necessary to engage the target in a compartmentalized environment in total safety and precision. The goal of CQB Level 1 is to make the shooter acquire a good individual technical-tactical level, above all increasing their ability to make the right assessments and choices according to the operational context. In this training you also learn to cooperate with other shooters, taking advantage of what is offered by the surrounding space.



  • Individual and polygon safety regulations
  • Jams and resolution
  • Magazine change
  • Extraction from the holster and rapid shooting
  • Shooting in motion
  • Roofs, shelters, barricades and walls
  • Movement between barricades
  • Reclamation of a simple room in pairs

CQB level 2
This intermediate training, lasting 16 hours-2 days, aims to prepare a tactical quatrain, that is a group of 4 shooters already in possession of a good individual technical-tactical level, to work synergistically to carry out the reclamation of various premises, making good use of effective coordination in fire-movement.




  • Tactical approach to the doors
  • Doors open / closed, external / internal hinges
  • Movement technique and couple entry
  • Movement technique and quatrain entry
  • Movement “on the wall”
  • Threat recognition and shooting discrimination
  • Room remediation with 4 operators
  • Adjacent room: approach and remediation techniques with / without support quarter
  • Communications between quatrains
  • Tactical approach to the corridor
  • Management and methods of penetration with open / closed doors
  • Maintenance of the safety of the Team during the reclamation / safety of the rooms already reclaimed
  • Approach to the corner of the corridor
  • Safe movement between rooms and corridor corners
  • Post-action exfiltration on the lens

CQB Level 3
The advanced level of CQB training, lasting 16 hours divided into 2 days, aims to prepare a team of 8 operators to fight effectively in complex compartmented environments that require solid technical-tactical team skills to operate at 360°. The knowledge learned in the previous levels is further expanded, in direct proportion to the number of shooters involved in the action.




  • House remediation theory
  • External tactical movement
  • Securing the lens from the outside
  • Communications
  • Command and control
  • Passage from outside to inside
  • Cross sectors and combat in the corridor with alternating doors
  • Forward movement on parallel rows
  • Approach and remediation of the stairs
  • Securing stairs and corridors
  • Reclamation of the floor and passage to the next floors
  • “All clear” and exfliltration
  • Combined team action on the goal
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